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Ellipse Lingerie is a well established Colombian company founded in 1985 and it is the largest and most popular Colombian company dedicated to manufacture high quality lingerie. The company has a talented human single mothers made daily their garments. Among the objectives of the brand is marketing aimed at the higher market segment in the best shops in underwear and swimwear.

Ellipse names its collections as universes and Cherry Blushes is the exclusive distributor for United Kingdom and Ireland. Ellipse Lingerie fashions three universes: Erotic Glamour Nuit, Brides Novias and Essentials. The delicate soft touch lightweight fabrics reflect romantic sensual tones and innovative styles in a wide range of contrasting colours.

The shapewear is designed with high-quality materials and a high level workmanship, each piece is designed to accentuate your curves and at the same time make you feel comfortable. Vedette is a label that creates beautiful shapewear and support garments.  It’s guaranteed that with Vedette 2 sizes are lost instantly, a real strong garment to shape the body. Elaborate designs and intricate detailing transform the control wear into pretty lingerie.

Vedette was established in 1979 and has been designing and producing the largest collection of shapewear and compression garments in the United States, Colombia, and Mexico. All products are made and imported from Colombia. Cherry Blushes represents the brand exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland.



Since 1987 we have been creating lingerie for a demanding woman that desires luxury products, high quality, comfort, and is always in search for new fashion trends and a variety of colours. The unique, elegant, romantic and sensual style of Touche Collections offers designs recognized by its quality and delicate materials and have a minimalist feel and feminine silhouettes that are ideal for every occasion.

Touche Collection has presence in more than 25 countries through the company own retail stores, franchises, department stores and boutiques and are continuously expanding the product lines and distribution channels to be able to respond through a complete line of products to the needs of diverse markets and Cherry Blushes is part of this as exclusive distributor for United Kingdom and Ireland.

Every piece of our handmade collection is made by real hands of a member from different ethnic communities. According to legend, the tradition comes from a spider that taught the women how to weave their creative drawings into the Mochila bags. Each Mochila bag is unique to the weaver, telling a story through the bags€™s colours, patterns and shapes. The weaver takes careful precision in her storytelling, making sure that the Mochila bag is a strong representation of Wayuu culture.

Each Wayuu mochila bears the genuine style of Aboriginal women and community, which embody the symbolic woven figures that commemorate their ancestral language, mother earth, the sun, the womb of women and the family. Mochilas Wayuu are sold just exclusively at Cherry Blushes for the UK and Ireland.


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