Cherry Blushes seeks to ensure that it only purchases goods that are produced and delivered under conditions that do not involve the abuse or exploitation of anyone and that those goods, services or products provided do not have a significant adverse effect on the environment.

This Trading Policy is to:
(1)   Foster and promote good labour standards forming part of ethical supply chains for goods and services.
(2)   Raise awareness of fair and ethical trading amongst Cherry Blushes’s staff, suppliers, and affiliated partners.
(3)   Establish and continue to maintain the cherry Blushes credibility as a purchaser of fair trading practices and ethically traded goods and services.
(4)   Ensure that the company conforms to all of the requirements of current legislation where applicable to the services provided by Cherry Blushes.
(5)   Ensure that Cherry Blushes business endeavours as conducted for all of its business activities are within the scope of the Ethical Trading Initiative base-code.

Codes of Conduct
Cherry Blushes asks it’s suppliers to acknowledge the right of all employed labour to enjoy the following standards:
(1)   Freely chosen employment
(2)   The right to collective bargaining
(3)   Safe, hygienic and suitable working conditions.
(4)   No child labour
(5)   Appropriate living wage
(6)   Not subjected to excessive working hours
(7)   No discrimination
(8)   Regular employment
(9)   Humane treatment in all respects

Cherry Blushes seeks the following environmental standards:
That a supplier meets minimum compliance should encompass all statutory and legal requirements relating to the environmental effects of their business activities.

That a supplier’s performance standards are important and although a matter solely for the supplier should
address the following as a very minimum:
(1)   Waste Management.
(2)   Recycling.
(3)   Energy Use.
(4)   Energy Conservation.

Cherry Blushes seeks the following business integrity standards:
(1)   A Health & Safety Policy
(2)   An Environmental Policy
(3)   A Quality Assurance Policy
(4)   An Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
(5)   A Training & Development Policy
(6)   A Corporate & Social Responsibility Policy
(7)   A Business Ethics and Integrity Policy
(8)   Meet all legislative requirements

Cherry Blushes will, in partnership with its suppliers, implement this code of conduct as a shared responsibility.

Cherry Blushes principles for operating this code will be:
(1)   A duty to communicate its commitment to employees and suppliers
(2)   A duty to provide training
(3)   A duty to undertake an audit & verification of the Code of Conduct

A suppliers’ principles for operating this code will be:
(1)   Complete and return evaluation documents
(2)   Accept responsibility for labour and environmental conditions of products
(3)   Create and maintain a clear Statement of Compliance

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